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Unior 1669/4

Emergency Cassette Lockring Tool with Spoke Wrench perfect f..

Unior 1630/2P, 3.45mm

Four sided spoke nipple engagement means fewer rounded off n..

Unior Portable Truing Stand - 1688

This stand is intended especially for the enthusiast. It is ..

Unior 1750/2BI -US

Premium flex chrome vanadium steel with ergonomic heavy duty..

Unior 1630/2P, 3.3mm

Four sided spoke nipple engagement means fewer rounded off n..

Unior Chain Wear Indicator - 1644/2

The Unior chain wear indicator/chain checker is perfect for ..

Unior 1639/2

Our hardened steel axle vise securely holds 9 and 10mm axles..

Unior 1661.3/4P-US

Removing square taper and splined cranks (ISIS, etc.) can be..

Unior 1609/2HOBBY-US

Used to install and remove 16-notch external bottom bracket ..

Unior 1666/2DP-US

The tool is designed to repair minor damage on brake rotors...

Unior 639A

This 165mm straight awl is the perfect poking tool.

Unior 536PLUS/1DP-US

Specialty circlip install/removal tool.

Unior HANGER GENIE - 1602/2

Hanger Genie is foldable and precise tool, used for re-align..

Unior 1670.5/4

Our most basic cassette lock ring tool, the 1670.5/4 is comp..

Unior Tire Setter 300, 1601/2P-US

If you've got a tire that just won't seat don't risk blowing..

Unior Cassette Wrench 13T/14T (Chainless Chain Whip) - 1670/2BI-US

Modern replacement of the traditional chain whip

Unior 1670.8/2BI-US

This cassette lock ring wrench includes a guide pin which wi..

Unior Set of hexagonal head screwdrivers with T-handle

The wrenches are made of Premium chrome vanadium steel with ..

Unior Euro7

The Euro7 Multitool was designed and produced in Slovenia, E..


The basic screw-type chain tool is intended for home users. ..

Unior 1617/2DP-US

Our heat-treated tool steel cone wrenches are built to last.

The company ranks among the world’ major representatives of metal- processing industry. The company develops its success with excellent synergies and three production segments (Hand tools, Forging and Sinter parts and Special machines) that provide the company with a balanced portfolio of activities. Reliable relations with suppliers are also a major success factor.

Unior hand tools programme produces over 10 million items of tools and sheet metal housing per year. It is the successor of the rich blacksmith tradition in the Pohorje area and North-East Slovenia. In the 19th century, several manufactured forges emerged in the area of Pohorje. They were used to manufacture agricultural and craft tools. Their work was related to four ironworks in this area. The first factory of forged tools was established in the early 20th century, in the year 1919. Engineers Mirko Bremec and Walter Mach established Styria Iron-Industrial Company in Zreče, where the company Unior still has its premises today. The company was then a modern factory and produced forged tools for farming, mining and craft. The forging plant was turned into a mechanical forge. The forge was renovated after the Second World War. In 1947, after the restoration and completion of the building, the forge was renamed into the Factory of Forged Tools Zreče. In the second half of the 20th century, the factory developed mostly by investing into the production of hand tools. Mostly oriented towards the development of universal tools, the factory was renamed in 1974; it became known as Unior, the Factory of Forged Tools Zreče. During the next decades, Unior has established a widespread network of sale and distribution worldwide. More information about Unior business group can be found here:

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