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Tacx Deva

The Deva has proven its worth during the cycling classics ov..
In stock

Thule T2 CLASSIC - 2 BIKES (1.25")

Super-rugged platform rack with frame-free clamping security..
Out of stock

Thule TopRide

Premium fork mount roof bike rack for the bike enthusiast wi..
In stock

Muc-Off MO-94, 750ml

Stop rust, lubricate parts, add a long-lasting protective fi..
In stock

Premium Grease

Finish Line's legendary synthetic bicycle grease is formulat..
Out of stock

Elite Cannibal XC

CANNIBAL XC is a very versatile bottlecage. Side insertion i..
In stock

EVOC Seat Bag S, 0.3L, Black

The SEAT BAG S is a lightweight storage option for road bike..
Out of stock

Kuat Sherpa 2.0 2 Bike Rack

Composed of heat treated aluminum. System Hand-Tight Cam. Fr..
In stock

Steadyrack Classic Rack

Looking for the ultimate bike storage solution? Safely and s..
C$124.99 C$112.50
Out of stock

Tacx Direct Drive Thru-Axle Adapter, 142x12mm and 148x12mm

Set up your thru-axle bike on your Tacx direct-drive trainer..
In stock

Kryptonite Kryptoflex 3010

Perfect for locking two or more bicycles, motorcycles or sco..
Out of stock


Treat Trail-blazing hands with the comfort they deserve with..
Out of stock


Perfect for cold weather riding and general exercising, the ..
Out of stock

Giro Proof Glove

Our warmest five-finger winter glove combines exceptional de..
Out of stock


The idea behind Secret Chain Lube was to bring this technolo..
Out of stock

Nuun Sport, Watermelon

A tasty & hydrating blend of electrolytes and minerals provi..
C$11.00 C$9.99
In stock

Muc-Off Ceramic Dry Lubricant

Our C3 Ceramic Dry Lube is a premium bike chain lubricant th..
In stock

Garmin Edge 1030 Plus, Bundle

The Edge 1030 is Garmin's Flagship Edge GPS computer. While ..
Out of stock

Apidura Expedition Top Tube Pack, 1L

The Expedition top tup pack is a lightweight, secure storage..
C$91.00 C$89.99
In stock

Superior Lubricant

Formulated with p.T.F.E.
Out of stock

Tacx T1415, Axle Nut M10x1

Set of 2 M10x1 axle nuts.
C$34.99 C$24.99
In stock

Evo Power Guard Fender, 700 x 23 to 32C

Evo power guard LT bicycle fenders

The bicycle has evolved into many shapes and sizes over the years. Now there is nearly a countless number of bike disciples that exist today. For each of these unique disciplines there are specific bicycle accessories designed to enhance the ride. Some accessories even span multiple or all disciplines of the sport. Here at Techno Cycle we are proud to offer you a huge selection of bicycle accessories for just about every type of bike imaginable. Accessories can make your riding experience both more enjoyable and safer.

On-bike accessories are the most common items cyclists purchase for their bikes. Anything from bags and locks to lights and GPS computers fall into this category, each serving a specific purpose. Water storage and on-frame storage can also both serve an important role in your ride experience. On-bike accessories help you prepare for the ride no matter the outcome. Whether you are commuting to work and need extra storage for your laptop or are descending the steepest DH trail at a bike park and get a flat, there is an accessory that will enhance your riding and increase your well-being.

Off-bike accessories are the other main subset of bike accessories. From big items like car hitch racks to small items like tools for your work station, there is an endless list of off-bike accessories you could use. These items are more commonly suitable for many disciplines of cycling. A floor pump for example works with just about every bike out there, and a stationary trainer comes with adapters to attach just about any type of bike regardless of wheel size. Whether you are a road bike enthusiast or a day-to-day commuter, there are many off-bike accessories that you can use to service, store, or transport your bike.

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