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Stan's NoTubes

Stan's NoTubes DART Patch Kit

Stans No Tubes DART Patch Kit.

Stan's NoTubes DART Refill, 5pcs

Stans No Tubes Recharge Dart 5 Part

Stan's NoTubes The Injector

Graduated two ounce injector makes application of sealant si..
C$17.50 C$15.99

Stan's NoTubes Valve Core Removal Tool

Removes presta and schrader valve cores. CNC machined, anodi..
C$15.99 C$13.99

Stan's NoTubes Tire Sealant (32 oz)

One of the most respected sealant brands on the market, Stan..

Stan's NoTubes Tire Sealant (16 oz)

One of the most respected sealant brands on the market, Stan..

It all started in 2001, when a rider named Stan Koziatek had an idea. Frustrated with punctured inner tubes and believing mountain bike tires could perform better without them, Stan developed a way to replace inner tubes with a liquid sealant. Stan’s system created a tire that sealed itself almost instantly when punctured, but that was only the beginning. With no inner tube, tires treated with Stan’s sealant offered more traction, more control, and more comfort. They also rolled faster. The performance advantages were tremendous, and soon racers at the highest levels of the sport were asking Stan to help them go tubeless.

Stan's ability to solve problems and create innovative solutions was matched by co-founder Cindy Koziatek's drive to develop the business and market those innovations. It was Cindy who realized the company needed a web site to help reach new customers and explain tubeless to more riders. At races and online, Stan and Cindy's efforts to introduce more people to the concept helped establish modern tubeless systems.

Today, riders and racers around the world rely on the tubeless technology Stan developed, and our sealant has been honored as one of the most important innovations in the history of cycling. “The First Name in Tubeless” is more than just marketing to us. It’s who we are.

Everything we learned about sealing conventional rims for tubeless use led us to develop our own line of rims and wheelsets. Featuring our patented Bead Socket Technology, our rims and complete wheelsets are regarded as the easiest and most reliable made. For over a decade, our products have set entirely new standards for performance, created completely new categories, and redefined what others thought was possible.

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